Midfoot Arthritis

Midfoot arthritis can develop through age related wear and tear to the joints, poor foot position mechanics i.e. flat foot or following injury to the joints of this area.
Midfoot arthritis is experienced as an aching pain from within the midfoot, especially after activity. Patients often notice a change in the position of the foot; the arch profile collapses and the midfoot begins to move towards the outside of the body.

Midfoot flat foot of the left foot

Midfoot collapse associated with a bunion deformity and hammer second and third toes.

X-ray showing arthritis of the midfoot

Post-operative x-ray showing fusion of the midfoot with plates and screws

Associated with the arthritis and collapse of the foot is enlargement of the area which is related to new bone formation. This new bone enlarges the foot and can cause problems with footwear fitting.
Management of this condition includes footwear alteration, activity modification, insoles, steroid injections and surgery. Surgery addresses the arthritic joints by removing the cartilage and fusing the bones. This is performed whilst repositioning the foot to recreate the arch profile and a more stable foot. Following this type of procedure there is a period of cast immobilisation and an extended recovery period.